In 1955 Amalia appeared in three more movies. In the first two (Musica en la noche and Los platillos voladores), Amalia’s role in confined to little more than a cameo appearance (an ‘attraction especial’), appearing in both for only a single song, although the third movie of 1955, Las viudas del cha-cha-cha, returns Amalia to a star role, teaming her alongside the actress Chula Prieto, where they play two society girls celebrating the new dance then sweeping across Latin America, the ‘cha-cha-cha’. The movie features lots of music in this new style, as well as rare appearance of the Cuban ‘Orchestra America’, originators of the ‘cha-cha-cha’ rhythm itself.

That same year (1955) Amalia secretly married Dr Raul Bedoya, a Peruvian politician and journalist. The marriage was first kept a close secret at the behest of the movie studios, who for marketing purposes, maintained a strict policy of portraying female stars as ‘available’ single women.
Press shot: Las Viudas del Cha-Cha-Cha
Raul and Amalia
Family Life

After a ten-year career at the forefront of Mexican movies, marriage effectively marked Amalia's ‘retirement’ from cinema. She also importantly choose to leave the variety stage, first distancing herself from, and then, eventually leaving Mexico City and relocating to the Peruvian capital of Lima.
Amalia’s marriage to Raul produced three children, the first, a beautiful daughter (who they named Daphne), was followed by two sons (Raul and Jorge).
However in November 1962 tragedy struck Amalia, when husband Raul was killed in an air accident.

After Raul's death, Amalia chose to leave Lima returning to live with her parents in Mexico City, where she dedicated herself exclusively to the education of her three children. As they grew older Amalia decided to study to become a beautician, first under the tutorage of the ‘grand maestro’ Lopez Vilchis in Mexico City and later in Paris, Madrid and Italy with top European stylists. Returning from Europe with her diplomas, Amalia opened two beauty salons which she named La Selva.
Appearance on Columbian TV
Amalia in Bolivia
Raul, Daphne & Amalia (in Lima)
Amalia Returns

Although Amalia had 'retired' in 1955, such was her popularity that she never stopped receiving offers to return to the stage and screen, as well as to perform on the new medium of television. But having made her decision, she refused all. Finally however in 1976 Amalia relented, firstly returning to the stage to perform the compositions of Jimmy Monterrey (a famous Cuban composer) before moving onto two other projects, where she collaborated with her old friend Adelberto ‘Resortes’ Martinez and another famous former Rumbera named Rosa Carmina. These new works both revived her career and brought her accolade from new audiences. Having regained a taste for live performance, Amalia capitalized upon this by signing contracts with Televisa in Mexico and then with the Peruvian Studio Varela.

At the end of the 1970’s Amalia again moved back to Peru, where she began a new theatrical production, this time working with her three children (Daphne, Raul and Jorge) as her collaborators. Here Amalia directed and performed in the musical Peru yo te traigo un son, which featured songs by Mario Fernandez Porta and stunning costumes designed by her friend, Julio Chavez. The show opened at Lima’s Segura Theatre in 1981 and was once again a resounding success. In 1982 Amalia starred in another musical Salsa caliente 82, alongside a number of high profile Peruvian stars such as Rafael Ferreira, Betty de Roma, Esmeralda Checa and Ruben ‘Juanacha’ Alvarado, a former singer of the Cuban orchestra Sonora Matancera.

Amalia Aguilar Today

Although Amalia chose to end her acting career in the late 1980s, her classic movies continue to receive frequent screenings in both cinemas and on TV across the Americas. At age 80 she still undertakes frequent public appearances, responding positively to invitations as much as she is able. Importantly she also makes herself available to documentary filmmakers, providing an invaluable personal testimony to the ‘golden age’ of Mexican cinema. She knows that she has earned her place within its history and as if continued proof were ever needed, still receives large amounts of fan mail daily, which she always answers personally.

Amalia is a kind, sincere and honest person who loves to be loved and she thanks god that she still retains a place within the hearts of so many. She no longer misses the stage and says she has “Given all she had”.

Amalia and her family hope that you have enjoyed to learn about her life and that you will find a small place within your own heart to cherish some of those memories so very precious to her.
Amalia & Raul with their last born : Jorge
Salsa Caliente. Lima Peru 1982
Amalia : Hollywood USA 2006
The most important countries to Amalia are:

Cuba: the country where she was born and where her family ties are.

the country she loves for its hospitality and their constant support during her acting career.

Peru: the country that saw her happy with her husband and children in a home full of love and respect.
Academy of Motion Pictures and Sciences, Hollywood USA. 2006
Unforgettable acknowledgements 1979-2008:

Silver Cup: Surquillo, Lima, Peru. 1979.
Key to the City: Iquitos, Peru 1979.
Diploma of the Provincial Council: Mayanas, Lima, Peru 1980.
Circus Trophy: Association of Cronistas Lima, Peru. 1981.
Trophy of Two Hearts: Lima, Peru 1981.
Trophy of Artistic Merit: Last Minute Daily newspaper, Lima, Peru. 1982.
Special Trophy: Lima, Peru. 1982.
Diploma: "Tribute to dancers in Mexican film" Federal district, Mexico. 1987.
Tribute: Theatre Coyoacan “Queens of the Tropics” Federal district, Mexico 1987.
Diploma: ACE (Association of Chronicles Entertainment), New York, USA, 1988.
Diploma: (National Association of Actors) Merit. Federal district, Mexico 1994.
Diploma: Federation of Mexican Cinema.1994
Medal: National Association of Dance Interpretation, Federal District, Mexico. 1994.
Diploma: National Association of Dance Interpretation, Federal District, Mexico. 1994.
Diploma: National Office of Culture and Arts, Mexico. 1995.
Diploma: Association of Cuban Culture, Art and Archetecture Mexico, 1995.
Trophy: University Education of Mexico. 1997.
Diploma: Society Cultural "Jose Marti" Federal District, Mexico, 1997.
Medal: "Afro Caribbean International Festival", Veracruz, Mexico. 1997.
Trophy: "Socioculture" - Mexico City, Mexico, 1997.
Diploma + Medal + Book: Centre for the investigation of dance, Federal district, Mexico. 1998.
Trophy, Town Hall, Cuernavaca Mor, Mexico, 1998.
Medal: 175th Anniversary of Mexican State, 1999.
Trophy: 'Guide of Show’ - Theatre Ofelia, District Federal, Mexico, 1999.
Trophy: ‘The Spurs’ Unforgettable Dance, Federal district, Mexico, 2000.
Diploma: Morelos Institute of Culture, Morelos, Mexico, 2000.
Diploma: Contemporary Dance Company, Cuernavaca, Mor. Mexico, 2000.
Diploma: Historic Centre of Tampico, Tampico. Mexico. 2000.
Diploma + Medal: ‘ANDI’ Museum of Anthropology Federal district, Mexico, 2000.
Plaza of the Stars: Footprints ceremony & contribution to, Mexico City (2000).
Amalia Aguilar, tropical orchids, exclusive artist Calderón productions (2000).
Diploma (Honorary) Press Club Peru. , Lima, 2001.
Hommage from the Cuban Embassy in Mexico 2001
National Monument, Staff Award, Hotel Nacional, Havana. 2003.
Diploma UNEAC Radio and Television, Havana, Cuba. 2003.
Award: Illustrious daughter of Matanzas. Provincial assembly, Matanzas, Cuba. 2003.
Theatre Sauto de Matanzas, Diploma in honour of her career, Matanzas, Cuba. 2003.
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Tribute from the Racing Club of Callao, Lima, Peru. 2004.
Gala performance in honor of Amalia. Restaurant ‘Island Paradise’, Lima, Peru. 2004.
Diana TV Trophy award, Lima, Peru. 2005.
National Radio interview, Lima, Peru. 2005.
ANN Press Medal, National Association of Newspapers, Lima, Peru. 2005.
‘Yesterday and Today’ programme, interview, Channel 2 TV Lima, Peru. 2005.
Asssociation of Metropolitan Writers, Lima, Peru. 2005.
Trophy ‘Flower of Peru’, Lima, Peru 2005.
‘Silver Goddess’ Trophy, PECIME. Gurezpe, Mexico. 2005.
Tribute ICAIC, Havana, Cuba. 2006.
Cinema Cuba, special interview on Beny More, Mexico. 2006.
Gallery Lladro, Beverly Hills, Los Angeles. California. 2006.
Appearance at Book launch of Celia Cruz, Pasadena, California. 2006.
Civic Auditorium Theatre, Godmother de la Hispanidad, Los Angeles California. 2006.
Queen of the Festival de la Hispanidad, Cervantes Center of Arts and Culture, Los Angeles California. 2006.
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Amalia Aguilar short interview tape recorded by Luis Miguel 2007.
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Tribute to Amalia Aguilar. Cuba Disco 2008. Havana, Cuba. 2008.
Farewell dinner with the great actress Ofelia Medina, Havana, Cuba. 2008.
Art exhibition Solomon Cohen Beraún. Polanco. 2008.
Mexico Journalists Club, Mexico City. 2008.
One of Amalia's recent guest appearances : Mexico City 2006
Amalia Aguilar : always in demand
Amalia with her family Mexico City 2008